Student-run Algebraic Geometry Seminar at IUPUI

The seminar meets on Thursdays at 12:00 in LD 225, unless otherwise stated.

The organisers are Virgil Chan, Chenliang Huang, Kang Lu, Andrei Prokhorov, and Filipp Uvarov.

The faculty advisor is Professor Daniel Ramras.

Date Title Speaker
19 October 2017 Universal Mapping Property Virgil Chan
12 October 2017 Action on Exterior Powers Kang Lu
5 October 2017 Semi-direct Product of Algebraic Groups Kang Lu
28 September 2017 Smooth Varieties Filipp Uvarov
21 September 2017 Actions of Algebraic Groups Chenliang Huang
14 September 2017 Generation by Irreducible Subsets, and Hopf Algebras Chenliang Huang
7 September 2017 Subgroups and Homomorphisms of Algebraic Groups Virgil Chan
30 August 2017 The Notion of Algebraic Group Virgil Chan
28 March 2017 Hausdorff Axiom Virgil Chan
21 March 2017 Product of Varieties Kang Lu
21 February 2017 Algebraic Groups Filipp Uvarov
14 February 2017 Ringed Spaces and Affine Schemes Chenliang Huang
7 February 2017 Adjoint Functors Virgil Chan
31 January 2017 Direct and Inverse Images of Sheaves Virgil Chan
24 January 2017 Spectrum of Rings II Kang Lu
17 January 2017 Spectrum of Rings Kang Lu