Research Interests

I am interested in Algebraic Topology, and Algebraic K-theory in general. More specifically, I am interested in

  1. computations of K-theories,
  2. trace methods in Algebraic K-theory,
  3. Assembly Maps in Algebraic K-theory and the Farrell-Jones Conjecture,
  4. Topological K-theory of infinite CW-complexes.

Expository Writings

  1. On the Adjunction Between Geometric Realisation and Singular Set
  2. These are expository notes on simplicial sets. It contains a proof that geometric realisation of a simplicial set and singular set are adjoint functors; and that the full and diagonal realisation of a bisimplicial set are homeomorphic. No originality is claimed there.

  3. There Are Exactly Nine Model Structures on the Category of Sets, Modulo Axiom of Choice
  4. We show there are exactly nine model structures on the category of sets when one assumes the Axiom of Choice. No originality is claimed there.


Slides for my candidacy exam: pdf

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